Friday, May 7, 2010

What's in a name?

Hello world! I've been wanting to blog for quite a while now and for whatever reason after reading many, many articles of Skorch magazine online I've finally decided maybe now is the time. My first blog. Be gentle. :)

My first task was figuring out what to name my blog. The subject nature of the blog isn't going to be about myself cause let's face it, I'm not that interesting. One of my many interests out there is fashion and while I am of what they say "the plus size variety" and there aren't a whole lot of us around, I thought a plus sized fashion blog would be just the thing. We need more soldiers in the fat girl fashion army I believe, and I hope that this blog will open the eyes of others. Designers, girls over the size of 12, girls under the size of 12, family members, friends, etc. We are not our waist size, and just because we wear a certain size doesn't mean we should dress in potato sacks and be treated a certain way.

So what is in a name? For the life of me, I couldn't figure out a good name to call this blog. I never liked the term "plus size" or "full figured" for that matter. But really, there is no nice term to call someone who wears a size 16 jean and XXL top. So what should I base the name off of? I decided to go with how I strive to feel 24/7, whether I'm walking down the street attempting to be sassy, at work in scrubs and sneakers, or relaxing at home with my boyfriend and my pup in my sweats and slippers. Fabulous. So hence the name, my fabulous self. Hope everyone, short, tall, fat, skinny, fashion forward, whatever you are, can get some kind of enjoyment from this blog.


  1. i am SO happy you are blogging! i think "la dolce lindsay" would be the perfect name! i do like "my fabulous self" too though! :) good luck on all of your blogging endeavors. hugs!!

  2. Aww well thank you darling. :) I appreciate the feedback. I should have called it la dolce lindsay but I call everything else that and I wanted to be a bit different and fresh. :) *hugs to you*!