Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bawk bawk beee-gawk.

I know that was a chicken noise I just made but I am in love with peacocks. Strutting around all fancy and colorful with that giant fan of feathers on their tushes. My recent short hair cut has left me wanting to do a little bit more with it. Just because my hair is more than half the length of what it was doesn't mean I can't, dare I say, dress it up a bit. Where does the lovely peacock come into play? Well the feathers of course! A few days ago, I saw a blogger on Skorch rock some peacock feathers in her hair, almost holding it back like a clip or a headband. It got me super excited because to me, it was very 40s pinup-esque. Retro and funky. Very cute and very nice with short hair.



Another option would be the ever popular flower, which I think is very summer appropriate.


Also very cute, retro, and great for short hair. And with the warmer weather coming up, my pretty colorful hair accessories will be every where. Just deciding on which one would be the hard part. :)

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  1. LOVE these, however, i think my >^..^< would love them too and rip them off my pretty little head ;)